Q1: How do students apply?
A1: An application form has to be completed by students and submitted to Registration Department in the Academy supported by required documents including a medical fitness report. The last step in the process is an interview by a special committee. A list of acceptees is then announced by Registration Department. Other Arab students may e-mail their applications to: jams@jams.edu.jo

Q2: What about fees per credit hours?
A2: It is JD 90 per credit hour regardless of nationality.

Q3: What majors are available for study in the Academy?
A3: There are two fields of specializations; Marine Engineering and Marine Navigation. The former leads to an officer in charge of Engineering Watch Certificate of Competency (Third Engineer), and the latter to an officer in Charge of a Navigation Watch Certificate of Competency (Second Officer). After these certificates, students can pursue study towards higher certificates of competency, namely Master Mariner and Chief Engineer.

Q4: What is the minimum GSSC grade accepted for admission?
A4: There is no limit, but the two main provisions to be met by an applicant are : a) Passing GSSC and b) Being medically fit. Of course the most important is the availability of a vacancy.

Q5: How do students apply to the Academy?
A5: Applications are submitted directly to the Registration Department in the Academy.

Q6: Is a uniform compulsory for students?
A6: Yes, just like other maritime education and training institutions, students wear a uniform provided by the Academy at a quite reasonable cost.

Q7: How many students are currently enrolled in the Academy?
A7: 455 students are currently enrolled in basic and upgrading studies. The Academy concentrates on quality rather than quantity. Therefore, controlled number of students is admitted every semester, to ensure quality on one hand, and job opportunities for graduates on the other hand.

Q8: Where is the Academy located?
A8: In Amman the capital, Abu Nseir area, opposite Vocational Training Corporation for Female, telephone No.00 962 6 5240102, Fax, 00 962 6 5240107, e-mail: jams@jams.edu.jo.

Q9: Does the Academy accept students from other Arab countries?
A9: The Academy accepts all Arab nationalities. It also helps them get entry visas to Jordan, as well as accommodation.

Q10: Is the Academy accredited in Jordan?
A10: The Academy is accredited and licensed by Jordan Maritime Authority (Ministry of Transport), which is responsible for Marine Education and Training. All Jordanian certificates of competency are internationally recognized since Jordan is among the countries which fulfilled the provisions of the STCW Convention, as amended, known as the White List.

Q11: What certificates do graduates get?
A11: The Academy conducts the following study programs, which lead to all marine certificates of competency: • Basic Studies, for 4-5 semesters. • Officers in Charge of Engineering Watch (Marine Third Engineer), for 19 weeks. • Marine Second Engineer, for 22 weeks. • Chief Engineer, for 9 weeks. • Chief Officer (Marine First Officer), for 22 weeks. • Master Marines, for 9 weeks. • All certificates of competency are issued by Jordan Maritime Authority.

Q12: What is Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies?
A12: Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies (JAMS) is an educational institution specialized in Maritime Education and Training (MET). It was established in 2004 as a model example of cooperation between public and private sectors in Jordan. It is located in Abu Nseir area on a 4 dunums piece of land owned entirely by the Academy. The Academy building includes lecture rooms, labs, navigation simulators, a library, playgrounds and other utilities.