Admission & Registration

The Admission and Registration department is one of the vital directorates on which various parts of the academic processes are dependent, such as student’s registration stages and application of all academic regulations.

The following are some tasks of the Admission and Registration Department:

  • Carrying out regulations pertaining to admission, reception, registration of students transfer from other universities.
  • Registering students in courses in cooperation with academic advisors, and making withdrawals and additions at the beginning of each academic semester.
  • Recording and documenting students’ grades in written and electronic forms as well as announcing the results at the end of each semester.
  • Following up on various students’ issues, such as withdrawing from courses and moving from one department to another at the end of each semester.
  • Providing students with necessary documents.
  • Providing various academy departments with their needs of information relevant to students and courses, such as reports, statistics and schedules.
  • Issuing graduation documents, such as certificates and transcripts both in English and Arabic
  • Receiving transferred students’ transcripts and following up on their issues with various department to approve the equivalency of courses.
  • Checking graduates’ documents in terms of authenticity and completion of requirements.
  • Cooperating with departments (Nautical and Engineering) in controlling and completing the advisory process.
  • Cooperating with the Computer department in computerizing its entire work and developing this process. It has managed to get rid of a great deal of manual work in a bid to save time and maintain accuracy.
  • Preparing JAMS calendar for the academic year.