About Us

Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies (JAMS) is a private institution. It started its first academic year in 2004. The Academy campus lies on a lot of 4000 square meters located in Abu Nusair, one of the charming places of Amman, the capital of Jordan, and 35 km from Queen Alia International Airport.

The idea of establishing this Institution, as the first of its type in the region, came into existence due to the high number of students who study abroad, and who spend large amount of hard currency as costs of their studies on the maritime sciences, as will as the provision of the local market with the required number of skilled and qualified personnel.

As you are reading, we want you to consider what this Academy has to offer you. We believe you have come to the right place. Whether you are a student seeking good education, or a faculty member considering a challenging and respectable teaching job, or a parent seeking higher education for his beloved son.

In addiction to a healthy and challenging academic atmosphere, we care much to provide, for developing within our students, a high sense of social and cultural commitments. We are proud of our modern educational facilities and our teaching staff.


To be a first choice, added-value supplier of Maritime Education, Training and Consultancy Services, and high quality services in the Middle East.


JAMS is a quality focused maritime institution providing comprehensive services of Maritime Education and Training (MET) while committed to customers, employees, owners and the maritime community in general.


JAMS is dedicated to providing Educational and Training opportunities and Management Consultancy

services that meet or exceed the needs of learners, maritime/business and our community by:

  • Committing to the provision of Education, Training and Consultancy services to a multi-nationalstudent and customer base.
  • Committing to structured quality programs that satisfy the requirements outlined in ISO 9001: 2015 & STCW 1978 as amended.
  • Ensuring that services conform to agreed customer requirements.
  • Involving maritime/business in both the development and evolution of our training programs andcourses.
  • Ensuring that programs and services satisfy the requirements of appropriate registration, accreditation and certification agencies.
  • Ensuring that services are provided by academically qualified and technically competent members ofstaff who continuously seek to achieve levels of performance which will enhance the reputation of theAcademy.
  • Committing to the efficient and effective utilization of its resources to continually improve its quality management system in the provision of maritime education, training and other services that meet prevailing international standards.
  • Ensuring that standards are maintained and improved by active monitoring, reviewing and improvingall activities.

JAMS main objectives that are associated with JAMS quality policy are:

  • To provide new career opportunities in the fields of Marine Engineering and Navigation.
  • To provide highly skilled graduates capable of working in the fields of Marine Engineering andNavigation.
  • To conduct advanced research and studies on issues related to the development of MarineEngineering, Marine Navigation and Management.
  • To develop, sponsor and coordinate training programs for marine competency certificates renewalas well as assisting the public and private sectors in implementation of techniques and methods forimproving management skills.
  • To develop relation with other institutions specialized in the same issue related to the sustainability of Marine Engineering, Marine Navigation and Management.
  • To participate in national and international conferences on topics related to the application ofscience and technology in marine fields.

Commitment to this policy is demonstrated by the implementation of a Quality Management System

which satisfies the requirements of ISO 90001:2015 standards & STCW 1978 convention as amended.