About Training and Research Dept.

Since training is the other major activity of JAMS, the Training and Research Department undertakes the organization of training activities in topics related to maritime transport industry such as shipping, insurance, law, claims, etc., in addition to supportive fields management, engineering, finance, accounting, etc. An annual training plan is developed annually by the department covering above fields and is distributed locally and to Arab countries.

The department carries out studies, researches and consultations in maritime transport issues locally, regionally and internationally in accordance with request and need of governmental bodies, or private organizations, In addition to studies related to assessment of students achievement level as well as analysis of exams success percentage and other academic studies.

The Department also receives marine masters and officers, and engineers of all ranks willing to attend specialized training courses or to get their certificates renewed and replaced by Jordanian certificates of competency.

To enhance the practical component of maritime training, in compliance with international requirements. JAMS has established a navigation and communication simulation lab where a number of highly specialized training courses related to

-Ship Handling



-Voyage training

-Berthing and Towing

-Passage planing

-Radar / ARPA

The new lab is the most advanced and sophisticated .

in the region manufactured by “TRANSAS” to comply with STCW 78 as amended, requirements.

It should be noted that the simulator is a new category of Navi – Training Professional 5000 holds a degree (A) according to the order done by the Norwegian classification (DNV) for simulators, engineering simulation labs and engine room are being developed to enhance the practical component and to utilize them in specialized training courses.

It is another step forward within JAMS developmental activities which aim to ensure high quality educational and training outputs.

It is a full mission engine room simulator which along with the navigate simulator, complete the simulators systems in the academy.

It has been selected from among the newest models of simulators that are fully compliant with the most recent STCW requirements as well as with valid DNV standard for A systems.

One of the most important components of the simulator is the mathematical models of the vessel machinery as well as specific control systems.

For the purpose of designing the simulators, a vessel was selected to include all operational systems, it was a crude oil tanker with the following specification:


– Length: 249 M.

– Breadth: 43.8 M.

– Draught at Design: 14.9 M.

– Deadweight: 115.867 T.

– Speed in full load: 15.5 Kn.

Main Engine

– Cylinder bore: 600 mm.

– Piston Stroke: 2.292 mm.

– No of Cylinder: 6.

– MCR: 13.544 KW.

– 2 Diesel Generator: 900 KW.

– Shaft Generator: 1200 KW.

– Steam Turbine: 1200 KW.

Training department also carries out studies, researches and consultations in maritime transport issues locally, regionally and internationally in accordance with request and need of governmental bodies, or private organizations.

An annual training plan is developed annually by the Department covering above fields and is distributed locally and to Arab countries.

The Business Development and Quality Department offers consultation services of different quality management systems and the ISO 9001:2015 specially.

In this respect the Training and Research department in cooperation with Business Development and Quality Department is very keen to maintain the best quality for JAMS services, and to develop them continuously by using the most modern standards, techniques and cooperation with international organizations specialized in granting quality certificates. Thus ensuring services that comply with international standards and specifications, which gave JAMS a remarkable position in quality consultations.

JAMS has established a quality management system complying with international requirements. It got an ISO 9001:2008 certificate in 2006 which was re-established in 2009 to include amendments and clarifications included in 2008 issue based on which JAMS was granted the ISO 9001:2008 certificate which is being recommended for renewal on annual basis ever since.

JAMS offer its mentioned services to organizations and individuals of all nationalities such as Jordanian, Palestinian, Syrian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Saudi, Kuwaiti, Qatari, UAE, Omani, Yemeni, Egyptian, Sudanese, Libyan, Algerian, Moroccan, Somalia, Australian, Indian, British, American, Spanish and Mexican.

Jordanian and Arab shipping companies offer all kinds of support to JAMS and to marine transport sector, as well as to Jordanian students willing to specialize in marine engineering and navigation through allocating scholarships to both poor and outstanding students.

Jordan government, represented by Jordan Maritime Commission has signed mutual recognition memorandums of maritime education and training and Jordanian Certificates of Competency in accordance with IMO regulation no. 1/10 of STCW with a number of Arab and foreign countries such as Egypt, KSA, UAE, Tunis, Qatar, Brazil, Syria , Morocco , Sudan ,Yemen, Liberia, South Africa, Malta, Bahamas, etc.

Also, some countries issue endorsement to Jordanian Certificates of Competency in addition to the above countries like Panama, Oman, etc.

A JAMS has also concluded cooperation agreements with marine Arab and international organizations such as IMO, BIMCO, South Shields Marine School, the Emirates classification society (Tasneef) International Maritime Science Academy in Egypt, etc.


The EU recognition of Jordan Maritime Education and Training system is another testimony of appreciation for JAMS, which means new opportunities for Jordanian COC holders to work on EU owned, operated and flagged vessels.


As of May 2008 Jordan has moved to the second stage of IMO white list following its fulfillment of all requirements of STCW convention 78 as amended: This, in fact, means recognition of the high level of JAMS graduates. In this respect, tribute should be paid to Ministry of Transport and to Jordan Maritime Commission for their boundless support to JAMS which has enabled it to achieve its set goals and build up a good reputation in the field of maritime education and training locally, regionally and globally.

In recognition of its accomplishments and its role in Maritime Education and Training, JAMS was granted the following awards:

  1. The award of excellence granted by “International Review” magazine as the best Maritime Education and Training institution in the Arab world for 2011.
  2. The award of the 2nd best among Maritime Education and Training institutions in the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent for 2010 and 2011 in a ceremony for this purpose held in Dubai and organized by Sea trade Global.

JAMS is a member of International Association of Maritime Institutions (IAMI), and The Arab Organization for Quality Assurance in Education, Also, many of the academy lectures members in International Maritime Lectures Association.